Dock Systems


Whether it be for a canoe, fishing boat, or brand new wakeboat, we can custom build a dock to suit all of your needs. With a full line of dock accessories, including cleats, mooring whips, bumpers, and ladders, our docks can be used for any imaginable purpose.

Dock Construction:

Our docks are some of the most resilient and highest-quality docks in the industry, for a highly competitive price. With our combination of the strongest construction methods and the most durable floats available, we are able to confidently offer a warranty of 3 years on frames, 15 years on floats, and lifetime on our hinge/connecting systems (all excluding ice damage).

The Frame Construction: All of our docks are built using a double-box-frame design with extensive cross-bracing, full-length skids, and heavy-duty crush blocks. This construction design also allows easy removal for the winter months (if your lake freezes) without the risk of damaging the dock.
The Floats: Our docks are built using ACE Roto-molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) – filled polyethylene floats, available in many different sizes.

We offer a wide range of frame and decking material options:


  • ACQ Treated
  • Red Cedar
  • Untreated
  • Aluminum
  • Steel


  • ACQ Treated
  • Red Cedar
  • Untreaed
  • Composite
  • Thru-Flow

We can build any size with any combination of frame and decking material. For pricing, you can contact us by phone or email here.

We also construct docks for marinas and other high-use applications. For an estimate on commercial- or industrial-strength systems, please call (250) 377-5783.