Dock Boxes


Titan Roto-Molded Dock BoxToughest premium eco-friendly dock boxes in the marine industry. Crack-Proof Guarantee!


  • No more cracked boxes.
  • No warping or twisting.
  • Virtually indestructible. Extremely durable.
  • No flimsy thickness.
  • No shipping issues.
  • No �spider web� cracking.
  • No weak spots.
  • More storage.
  • Better product.
  • The TOUGHEST Dock Box on the market. Period.
  • Designed to withstand the harshet marine environments.
  • Oblivious to any physical abuse or stress.
  • Thickness consistency in construction.


10-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Titan Roto-Molded Dock Box


Dock Boxes are designed with unique features in providing you with the ultimate dock box that meets all your storage and security needs.

  • All-Stainless Hardware. Will never rust.
  • Double-Walled Lid. Oblivious to extreme weight on lid.
  • UV Resistant. Protection against fading and discoloration.
  • Tan, White, & White with Blue Lid.


Titan Roto-Molded Dock BoxTitan Roto-Molded Dock Box

DB35-15005 Small Dock Box
(48� L x 27� H x 24� D)

DB35-15004 Medium Dock Box
(72� L x 27� H x 24� D)

DB35-15000 Large Dock Box
(86� L x 27� H x 24� D)

DB35-L Keyed Lock Set







Fiberglass Dock BoxesStow ‘n Go Dock Boxes

These fiberglass dock boxes are built tough. With a UV gelcoat finish and the stainless steel lockable latch and hardware these are sure to hold up in the harshest marine environments.

Our dock boxes incorporate gas shock lifts, which come standard on all models. These shocks help to keep your lid open on rocking docks and in higher wind areas and allows for a slower, more controlled closing.

These fiberglass molded dock boxes are also constructed with a smooth interior finish which helps prevent splinters in your hands when storing or retrieving your boating accessories.

Stow 'n Go Dock Boxes 
Stow 'n Go Dock Boxes
Stow 'n Go Dock Boxes




Stow ‘n Go Standard Dock Boxes
24″H x 54″W x 22″D
24″H x 72″W x 23″D
24″H x 85″W x 22″D
Deep Small
27″H x 46″W x 26″D
Deep Medium
27″H x 72″W x 26″D
Stow ‘n Go Low-Profile Dock Boxes
18″H x 48″W x 20″D
20″H x 40″W x 19″D
Stow ‘n Go Top-Seat Dock Boxes
27″H x 46″W x 26″D
29″H x 72″W x 29″D
Stow ‘n Go Triangle Dock Boxes
27″H x 54″W x 33″D