Mooring Buoys

Mooring Buoy

Mooring BuoyThe innovative design of Ace Mooring Buoys is easy to recognize. Designed to be durable and attractive, the buoys have several new features and can be personalized with little effort. Three flat spots on the top half of the buoy allow you to customize with graphics, numbers or reflectors. When you approach your personalized buoy, a molded-in plastic bumper protects both the buoy and reflective blue tape that makes Ace buoys stand out in the water. The tape stays smooth on its flat groove, right above the center bumper.

The hard polyethylene shell has UV inhibitors to keep it looking new. Polystyrene foam fills the shell to provide maximum buoyancy. A PVC tube is molded through the center of the buoy to allow for different hardware options. An injection-molded collar captures the tube on each end and protects the buoy from wear.

Buoys can be used to mark waterways, can be rented to boaters mooring at your marina, or can be used to support the line to which you anchor your own watercraft. The buoys are also available without a bumper in the 32� x 38� & 42� sizes.

Why not choose a buoy that is durable, personal and eye-catching?



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Hardware Options

Mooring BuoyOption 1 – Fixed Mooring Hardware Kit.
This hardware kit captures the buoy on both ends and provides a swivel at the bottom for attachment of the anchor line. A loop is provided at the top for handling the buoy and storage of the watercraft pendant line on the buoy. Never anchor the watercraft directly to this loop. Watercraft must be anchored below the buoy and directly to the anchor line.

Option 2 – Pass-Through Mooring Hardware Kit.
This hardware kit passes through the buoy center tube. The anchor line is attached directly to the line shackle. A bearing plate under the shackle prevents the shackle from passing through the buoy tube. The watercraft�s pendant line is fastened directly to the shackle.

Fixed Mooring
Hardware Kit


Pass-Through Mooring
Hardware Kit


FFMB-1212 Buoy, 12″ Bumper Mooring Foam Filled 12″ diameter 12.5 lbs
FFMB-1818 Buoy, 18″ Bumper Mooring Foam Filled 18″ diameter 51 lbs
FFMB-2424 Buoy, 24″ Bumper Mooring Foam Filled 24″ diameter 124 lbs
FFMB-3232 Buoy, 32″ Bumper Mooring Foam Filled 32″ diameter 270 lbs
FFMB-3232RND Buoy, 32″ Round Mooring Foam Filled 32″ diameter 278 lbs
FFMB-3838 Buoy, 38″ Bumper Mooring Foam Filled 38″ diameter 547 lbs
FFMB-3838RND Buoy, 38″ Round Mooring Foam Filled 38″ diameter 556 lbs
FFMB-4242 Buoy, 42″ Bumper Mooring Foam Filled 42″ diameter 630 lbs
FFMB-4242RND Buoy, 42″ Round Mooring Foam Filled 42″ diameter 640 lbs
FFMB-32F 32″ Fixed Mooring System – Bumper 32″
FFMB-32FRND 32″ Fixed Mooring System – Round 32″
FFMB-38F 38″ Fixed Mooring System – Bumper 38″
FFMB-38FRND 38″ Fixed Mooring System – Round 38″
FFMB-42F 42″ Fixed Mooring System – Bumper 42″
FFMB-42FRND 42″ Fixed Mooring System – Round 42″