Pearson COmposite Pilings

Why Switch from Wood, Steel or Concrete?

  • Wood rots.
  • Steel rusts.
  • Concrete deteriorates.
  • Fiberglass lasts!

Just ask those in the boat building industry. Whether you are building a commercial or residential pier or dock, you can now choose composite pilings that not only outlast all others.

Consider these other unique benefits:

  • No leaching of harmful coatings or preservatives into the environment.
  • Greater long-term value.
  • Pearson Composite Pilings will be the last pilings you’ll ever need to buy and install, making them a smart investment for significant long-term savings.
  • Easier handling during installation.
  • Composite pilings are approximately 1/3 the weight of wood and 1/4 the weight of steel.
  • Eliminates costly waste of materials.
  • Our composite pilings are available in 10″, 12″, and 14″ diameters from 20′ to 40′ lengths in 5′ increments. Custom composite piling lengths are available upon request.
  • No harmful splinters or ugly rust.
  • Our composite pilings have a smooth, attractive, natural brown “PPT” finish that will look and feel new – no harmful splinters or ugly rust. Our “PPT” plastic coating protects the composite piling from harmful UV rays.
  • Easily drilled, cut, and fastened.
  • Aesthetic appeal increases property value.

Pearson Fiberglass Composite Pilings
Pearson Fiberglass Composite Pilings